Who really holds power in Ukraine? And why Ukraine was on the verge of existence The criminal history of high rank officials of the Ukrainian government was taken advantage of by an international organized crime group.

The criminal history of high rank officials of the Ukrainian government was taken advantage of by an international organized crime group.

Every day we busily start the day with news and politics, we argue about politics, call things by their own names and agree that politics is a dirty thing.

It is a mistake to think so and a mistake to call the family-criminal syndicate of the oligarch Poroshenko politics. We do not have a policy. We finally need to call things by their proper names, to call people who accidentally fell into the power by names and nicknames which they really are.

Petro Poroshenko

The classic oligarch. All his life he has been using power solely for his own enrichment. During his long political career, he has replaced five political forces. He ran errands for Kuchma, he created the Party of Regions, sponsored the Orange Revolution, entered the "Our Ukraine", was in the "Party of Regions", became a sponsor of the Maidan, by mistake and fatal stupidity of the Ukrainian people became the President. Before the Maidan, Poroshenko's authority was at the level of 3%. During his entire political career, he did nothing for the country, but managed to build a corporation by the classical oligarchy technique, using power and the media. A man without morals and principles (as evidenced by the 5 changed political forces), a man who never before the Maidan had the reputation for his patriotic views.

How can you reach out to this oligarch? There is no way, it's not even theoretically possible.

His team. I'll start with the last appointments.

Irina Lutsenko (Poroshenko's godmother) is a wife of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine:

The success story of Irina Lutsenko, this is just about the cooks ruling the state.

Who is she actually? The correct answer is none.

She was not a politician, an activist, a public figure. She was just the wife of Yuri Lutsenko. And when he was imprisoned, she was led to the parliament, as if, in his place. And then she was sitting there herself, did not gleam, softly squeezing the button. Then Yuri was released from prison, again went to parliament, but his wife did not come out of there, got used to it. So they both remained people's deputies.

And now all of a sudden she is the President's representative in VR. How this person can carry out reforms, or do something for the country, if she has not the slightest idea, what is the politics, and even much less what are the reforms.

Gerasimov Artur

The day before yesterday he was appointed the head of the BPP parliamentary faction. He is a real agent of the Russian special services. Gorlovsky criminal and bandit. Before the Maidan, he was shaking all of Gorlovka and was just a step away from prison. In his team worked the most terrible social misfit which included one of the cruellest leaders of the "DNR" as Igor Bezler nicknamed (Bes). Read more about him in special material.

How can such a social misfit do something useful for the country? No way ...

Yuriy Lutsenko (Poroshenko's godfather)

Served 1 term. Over the whole of his political career he has been repainted several times. From the Orange Revolution to the Party of Regions. During his long political career, he did nothing for the country.

Before the Maidan, his rating and his credibility in society was at 0%.

The Prosecutor General with a former conviction, without education, for whose sake the Law of Ukraine has been changed, because he is Poroshenko's godfather.

Now explain how such a person can do something? No way ....

Valeria Gontareva (Poroshenko's godmother)

The current Head of the National Bank, former banker of Yanukovych, Arbuzov, Poroshenko himself and Medvedev's wife.

In her entire career, she was repeatedly wanted to be imprisoned for stealing budget funds on an especially large amount. Poroshenko helped her get away scot free. Before the Revolution was a swindler and a black banker.

After the Revolution, headed the National Bank and destroyed the banking system of Ukraine, collapsed the national rate and is accused of stealing billions of hryvnia (OFFICIALLY). Read more about it >>>

Arsen Avakov

The previously convicted Minister of Internal Affairs. Associated with the Italian mafia, drug selling, black business, millionaire, stayed in Italy, was jailed in Ukraine. He is accused of creating a large criminal group in Kharkov. Accused of contract killings and other particularly serious crimes.

During his entire political career, he did nothing for the country. He "worked" from one prison stint till the other prison stint. After the Revolution of Dignity, he headed the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Crime has bumped up 15 times, disclosure has fallen to a critical level. His colleagues openly accuse him of creating a garbage mafia (VIDEO).

Vladimir Groysman

Poroshenko's business Partner. Managed the market in Vinnitsa, engaged in raiding and petty crime. The father is accused of embezzlement of especially large funds. Prior to the Maidan was a small Vinnitsa marketroid without any education. After Maidan became the Prime Minister with a fake education.

How one can demand reform from him if he has no idea what it is ...

There are 99% of such people. Granovskie, Kononenki, Konstantinovsky, Martynenki, Deidei and others. This is all the criminals and bandits who, after the Maidan, fell into power with the only purpose - to fill the pockets and duck out abroad. And they do not even hide it. Each of them leads a double life.

In Ukraine, they rob after the criminal-oligarchical standards, money is sent to offshore accounts, and their main homes are in Italy, Spain, France, the United States and other countries.

The worst thing is that they are robbing people because people trust them ... If the whole country suddenly only for a moment thinks about the biography of these criminals, oligarchs, everything can be different ....

Otherwise, we are on the edge of physical destruction, because the oligarchic criminality will not stop until it removes the last cent from Ukraine, until Ukraine simply ceases to exist on the world map.

Demanding them not to take bribes, not to incite corruption, to be honest, to work for the country is childish naivety ...

They plunder the country in the open even after tens of thousands of patriots sacrificed their lives. They rob and kill those who helped them to come to power! They spit on those who gave their lives on the Maidan and led them to the feeding trough.

It is impossible to demand from these moral monsters.

Author: Vitaly Glyudzo.

Reference to the original article: elise.com.ua.

Comments to the article.

An international organized criminal group which uses the plight of Ukraine associated with Russia's military aggression and total corruption within the country, took advantage of the criminal history of the highest Ukrainian officials.

The following is the mechanism of money theft. Under fictitious "reforms" and fictitious reports on "reforms", the IMF allocates money. This money is stolen. The organized criminal group includes top officials of Ukraine, responsible employees of the IMF and some politicians who lobby these loans. The international community is told about the "reforms" that are thought to be in Ukraine but which are not in fact. Part of the money goes to anti-democratic goals - to strengthen the dictatorial regime of internal occupation of Ukraine.

The situation is that Ukraine really needs loans. It will be almost impossible for Ukraine to survive without credit money. But the problem lies in the fact that the IMF's money diverges in the pockets of an international criminal group. And the people of Ukraine do not see this money. As a result of the lack of reforms, the current state of the economy will not allow Ukraine to repay these loans and interest on them. The consequences of this international scam may be commensurated with the annexation of the territory of Ukraine by the aggressor. Only this time, not a military invasion, but an economic annexation.

The people of Ukraine demand the creation of an international commission of inquiry, which should include FBI staff, to investigate all operations with IMF credit money allocated to Ukraine. It is also necessary to publicize the results of the audit of PrivatBank by "Price Waterhouse Coopers".

Reference to more detailed description of the criminal scheme >>>

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