Emily Deakins MCOM 2400 Projects

The next project I would like to share is my podcast. The purpose of this podcast is to share procrastination tips. Here is a link to my podcast

My next project is a photo story. We took pictures of a philanthropy event that raised money for The Alzheimer's Association.

Prior to this class I had very little experience with Adobe Programs. We used a lot of different programs and I'm most confident using Adobe Muse and Adobe Spark. I really enjoyed Adobe Muse and I think it's a really easy program to use. Creating websites is fun and it gives the user the opportunity to be creative. I think my biggest weakness is using Adobe Premiere. I hope to learn more about website design and video editing in the future. These are skills that will help me in my future professional career.

I really enjoyed running a blog and it was an enjoyable experience! I least enjoyed using Adobe Premiere, mostly because our video file corrupted and we were unable to edit our video.


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