The Secret Meaning Behind To Many Cooks By Me

Too Many Cooks is a YouTube video Published on the __________ by Adult Swim and was aired on american TV on the 28th October 2014


Too Many Cooks Cast

Too Many Cooks has a Large cast all of which have there own scene of which they are introduced. One Of these characters is Smarf The Cat Who has a Important role in the story. I would put the full cast but there are... too many Cooks.

Family Photo 2014

Story behind Too Many Cooks

Too Many Cooks begins with the camera panning in to a shot of the family household. It then begins To Start introducing the family one by one whilst playing the Show theme tune. However The Introduction of members doesn't stop as more and more characters are shown to be living in the same household.

After a while One character is introduce but his name bar is all destroyed and unreadable for the purpose of exposing the true meaning of Too Many Cooks we will call him The Killer.

Created By
Toby Shelford


Adult Swim Youtube Channel

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