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I feel like this project has been really affected by our attention to figure drawing in class. I am glad for the practice and want to further those studies of the figure/portrait. I want to focus mainly on contoured lines. I feel like I wanted to experiment also with form in selected areas of the face, maybe for emphasis. I tried to add two forms together in a charcoal drawing, but I feel like that was a mistake. I thought that would be the right medium, but I have decided to switch to pencil. If anything I would like to use colored paper and white chalk. I feel like that would be a beautiful way to introduce some sort of variety than the "basic" pencil and white paper. I have noticed that I am drawn to bright colors in my work, hopefully I can find a way to try and introduce that to make it my own.


Something that I really wanted to focus on this semester was to find comfort in the craft of my work and the technical side of drawing. I hope to explore people and the techniques used in order to portray key features of an individual. I wanted to also explore the idea of "double vision" and living "double lives". This idea of "double vision" has significance in my own life and I would like to portray that on paper. I have terrible astigmatism that progressively gets worse. I had this dark realization in the back of my mind that if I did not have my eyes, I would have nothing. My entire life and career rides on my sight and the ability to see my work. Double vision could also refer to personality. I often feel that I have two personas or two different lives that I have lived and it is hard for me to combine the two. It comes from my time when I lived in Russia. I worked to establish a life there for over a year only to return to the U.S and leave it all behind. I fell back into who I was before I left America and the "normal" life I was used to. The war between these different versions of myself and my visit two weeks ago to the optometrist sparked the idea of drawings of double vision. I hope to develop this project to its full potential.

I drew sketches, traced them to see the more defined lines, traced them again onto transparent sheets, and then projected them onto a canvas to enlarge them. I was glad to draw the face multiple times. It increasingly felt like I was learning to understand the planes of the human face. I also used this particular method in order to project them up onto a canvas individually. I wanted each face to be strong on its own. This would make the process easier later when I placed each face differently in the composition. These pictures were taken about a week ago in the painting studio of my friend, Chance. I took many more of him and another friend, which I hope to use for future projects.


These are the artists I have come across in my research that appeal to my aesthetic eye as well as my personal emotions.


HENRIETTA HARRIS is an artist who I aspire to be. She has a very unique style and I would like to develop mine as well as she has developed hers. I wanted to experiment with the idea of multiple perspectives meshed together. She is one of my ALL TIME favorite artists. I discovered her on the Jealous Curator blog two years ago and have followed her work ever since.


MATTŌ is an artist from Japan who has painted these beautiful illustrations of various store fronts in his neighborhood. I love the use of color in the various washes.


JOHNNY BULL is an artist from the UK who has a similar minimalists design. He focuses on everyday objects such as teacups. He also has painted store fronts and Bistros. these in particular are from a series titled "14 French Shops: Travail in Progress".

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