Journey Log 6 Alex Clark - Clark_13 - Section 41 - Builder

Habits Used: metacognition

During the past week in class, I did quite a bit of work in order to progress my paper. I met with Chris in order to clear up a few things with my submitted work. For instance, my Journey Logs as a Ranger were not on the level they were supposed to be. It was my understanding that the information we learned in class needed sources to back up that information. However, Rangers were supposed to use the information in class as a background to find new, but related information. This time of reflection should help me to take my work to a higher level.

While meeting with Chris regarding my essay and evaluating my sources, I learned that my sources were valid, but not quite as respectable as they should be. I needed to find more pier reviewed and scholarly journals. This let me reflect and find more sources that were not simply just wikis.

Minecraft Build:

This Minecraft build shows you the difference between your first, easily found source, and your next source, with the next one being harder to find. The first source as all the information (gold, glowstone, iron, etc). But, it is lacking the credibility (bookcases). When you find the second source, you see a person with credibility.


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