Rubber Band Car Final Project By Seamus M.

Rubber band cars are cars made out of simple items and powered by Rubber Bands.

They use 1 skewer, 2 CD's, a 5 by 5 inch cardboard piece and a rubber band. (Plus Duct Tape).


The definition of potential energy is the energy possessed by a body, by virtue of it's position relative to others, stresses within itself, electric charge, and other factors


The definition of kinetic energy is energy that a body possesses by virtue of being in motion.

In this car what we did was cover the wheels in duct tape. This might slow it down a bit but causes more traction letting it to speed up quicker.

Next to help we put on a bit of a tail to keep balance and not have little bumps in the middle throw it off.

Next we put on rubber wheels. It has the same reason as duct tape wheels, but is better and more consistent.

The duct tape on the cardboard keeps it from bending and we put a skewer on the end to do a better job than the duct tape tail.

Farthest Distance 26 ft

The acceleration is 0.71875 Meters per Second Squared.

We got this by having one point being (1.7,1.6) and the other being (0.55,0) then doing Vf minus Vi (1.7 - 0,55) and Tf minus Ti (1.6-0) then dividing the 2 answers to get 0.71875 meters per second squared

To be clear it is the slope of the Velocity graph.

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