The Hobbit's Quest (in the world of 7th graders)

A quick welcome & introduction:

As you travel along the journey with Bilbo, Gandalf, and the dwarfs, you will encounter different elements of narrative literature. For example, the setting, character development, plot structure, theme, and conflict all serve a major part in this story. As the quest continues, you will reflect on what could happen if just one of these elements was different, as well as make inferences, reflect, and draw conclusions based on the text. This will help you better understand the structural elements, but also stretch your comprehension skills and metacognition (thinking about your thinking!)

A short review of the story so far...

The wizard Gandalf visits hobbit Bilbo Baggins and invites him on an adventure. Bilbo declines, hesitant to leave his familiar home. However, after Bilbo is visited by a number of dwarfs who says he plays a crucial role in the quest, he decides to go. As they travel further from home toward the Lonely Mountain far to the east, the scene becomes less friendly and they encounter danger such as hunger, bad weather, and attacks from hostile creatures.

Your task (if you choose to accept it) is as follows:

Define the following literary terms. Then identify what they are in terms of The Hobbit Chapters 1-3.

Example: Setting - the historical moment in time and geographic location in which a story takes place. In The Hobbit the setting is Middle Earth, specifically in the Shire in the early chapters. As the story progresses, the immediate setting changes, such as to the Misty Mountains.

Your turn! Use the internet or a dictionary for the definitions and refer to the book for examples.

1. Character development:

2. Plot structure:

3. Theme:

4. Conflict:

5. Mood:

6. Point of View:

Pretend one of these aspects above was different in The Hobbit. In your teams from earlier, discuss and give an example of how the story might look.

Take a little time to evaluate how you think you did on this activity

Take some time to read over these question and think about what you took away from today

If you could do this assignment over, what would you do differently?

What did you like the most about this assignment? What did you like the least?

What are some things that your classmates did to help you learn?

As your teacher, what could I have done to make this exercise better?

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