Five spectacular Valentine's day date ideas By: Truong Phan

Whether you've been a couple for four months or four years, planning any date, especially for Valentine's Day, can be stressful. That is more true now amid the coronavirus pandemic. However, planning a date doesn't have to be stressful with these five date ideas.

1. Have a virtual movie night

Make yourself some popcorn and prepare some snacks to watch a movie worthy of Valentine's Day virtually. The date can be done through video call or a drive-in theater. Not only does this date idea help strengthen your relationship, but also helps to avoid the pandemic. Although it may not seem like a lot, the date is simple and effective.

2. Cook with your partner

If you consider yourself a home cook, try a fun and interactive virtual cooking experience with your significant other. Try cooking together with them and see what dish the both of you can make with the same ingredients over Facetime or Google Meet.

3. Enjoy some video games

If you and your player two enjoy gaming, dust off your controllers, turn on your video game system, and pop in one of your favorite titles to test your abilities together in online multiplayer. Think games such as Halo or even Animal Crossing where you two can meet and play virtually.

4. Sing your hearts out

Do you believe that your voice is superior to that of your partner’s? Then consider the classic date activity of karaoke. Because of the pandemic, it is best to do it virtually through video call. Whether it’s a solo or a duet, karaoke is a great bonding experience because you’re showing a vulnerable side of yourself to your partner.

5. Test your artistic abilities by painting

Consider yourself an artist? Then try the adventurous activity of virtually painting with your partner. Even if you’re not artistic, painting can be a fun activity to gauge your art skills. Try painting your partner the best you can and have your partner paint you through a video call. Compare your results at the end and see who did better. Creativity is the key in this date idea.

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