Setting up a movie night with allen zhang

So you want to have a movie night...

Sometimes, we all want to take a break from endless classes and homework, and what better way to destress than hosting a movie night? Even though we can't go to a theater, we can still enjoy movies from the comfort of our homes by ourselves or with friends.

Below are some quick steps to get you started on your very own movie night!

Step one

Find a location!

The great thing about having a movie night at home is that you can sit pretty much anywhere you want, as long as you are connected to the internet and have minor distractions! In the video above, I showcase my three favorite locations: my desk, my bed and the sofa.

Step two

Gather your materials!

Now it's time to gather your materials! Grab some food, a drink, your laptop and any comfort items you like. Personally, I always wrap myself up in my yeti blanket and snack on whatever's laying around the house.

Step three

Find a good movie!

It's really easy to pick out a movie to watch; you can either scroll on a streaming platform, ask a friend for a recommendation or choose one at random! Of course, if you don't like the movie you have started, it is super easy to switch to a different one.

Step four (optional)

Invite your friends!

Nowadays, it is easier than ever to watch with your friends using tools like Teleparty (previously known as Netflix Party), a Chrome extension that lets you chat with friends in real time while watching a movie or show on Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Disney+.

Step five


Enjoy your movie night!

Created By
Allen Zhang


Created with an image by KELLEPICS - "fantasy wanderer sculpture"