The boxer rebellion was anti imperialist uprising that took place between 1899 and 1901. The Qing dynasty was at its end at the time. The boxers were also known as the militia united in righteousness. They were motivated be pro-nationalist sentiments and opposition to imperialistic expansion. after several months of growing frustration due to European and Christian presences The boxer fighters planed eliminated all foreigners. They had believed that they were invulnerable to foreign weapons.

foreigners and Chines christens then sought out refuge in legation Quarter. Empress Dowager Cixi fully supported the Boxers and on June first 1899 made a declaration of war on foreign powers. Every one at the legation Quarter were soon under siege by the Chines imperial army and the Boxers. The siege lasted 55 days. The commander of the Chines forces later claimed that he acted to protect the besieged foreigners.

The eight nation alliance soon sent 20,000 troops to China. On august 14 they defeated the imperial army and captured Beijing. Then the boxer protocol was initiated, it is considered one of the most unfair treaties. Soon the capital and country side soon occurred. Boxers were then hunted down and executed even if they were just suspected to be Boxers. Several government officials who supported the Boxers were soon executed. Allied forces were then stationed at Beijing. over the course of the next thirty nine years china had to pay out $10 billion in silver to the eight nations involved. the empress tried then to save the dynasty be making several reforms.


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