Clemson Student Veteran Association 2017 Spring camping trip 10-12 March

Thank you for taking the time to click on the link which led you here. Your bank account is now being drained by North Korean hackers. The purpose of this product is to provide you with some baseline information about the 2017 Clemson Student Veteran Spring Camping Trip. Last year was our first run of this event. While it was a simple overnight event, it was received well by all participants.

As mentioned in a flyer that has been posted both online, and in the Veterans Room on campus, this event will occur 10-12 March at Keowee-Toxaway State Park (click on link below for more information on the park). In the following slides, you will see information regarding the proposed site at the park for this event, as well as what to expect with regards to meals, accommodations, pre event meeting time, and parking.

In the spirit of maintaining a semi relaxed and casual atmosphere, all participants are responsible for supplying themselves with food and water. It is however recommended as participants are able, to bring extra. Part of the enjoyment with regards to food is being able to share what you have with others.

These communal meals are often a good binding experience, even if it is nothing more than hot dogs and ramen noodles

There are many activities that are possible during this outing. Think Burning Man, but not as tame...

Suggested activities include sitting by the campfire while sharing stories and forgetting about the stressors of school for a day or two, placing gypsy curses upon hated enemies, or perhaps a nice day hike. It is a pretty open schedule, but remember that those curses aren't going to place themselves.

As far as accommodations go, it is pretty straight forward. everyone will be camping as they are able, at tent sites within Keowee Toxaway State Park. The image behind this text block is the proposed site for our event. The four tent spots (T10, T11, T12, T14) share a four spot parking area that I was Standing in to take this image. This is the intended parking location for those of us who will hopefully be carpooling to this event. Should you decide to drive on your own to this event (Which is totally cool) There is nearby parking at the main office, and we should be able to workout some sort of shuttling, or you could just walk over if you are so inclined.

In order to help reduce costs for participants, Sharing of tent sites is encouraged. I will be reserving a spot, and will be using a hammock. As such, I will offer the tent pad to someone that will be bringing a tent. please discuss amongst yourselves how you wish to share the tent sites. Gladiatorial combat is the suggested means of resolving this issue.

We shall be meeting at an agreed upon time 10 March 2017, at the Food Lion between Seneca and Clemson to carpool out to the State Park. This was the location of the last meet up, and served well as it allowed for the purchase of last minute items.

Please arrive in as timely a manner as you are able, as this will allow for the acquisition of any items you might require from the grocery store, and will allow us to make it to the park in time for check in. This will also allow us to figure out our carpooling needs if this issue has not been resolved by the time we meetup.

Once we arrive at Keowee Toxaway, we shall park at the main office in order to pick up the parking tags to place in our windshields. Following this, we shall proceed to the event site.

The tent sites suggested have not currently been reserved at the time of posting, but I am uncertain how long this will be the case. I will be trying to reserve a spot within the next week or so, and encourage others to do the same. While we are not limited to the four suggested spots, these four seemed to be the most ideal for a group event.

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