Female Participation in Male Dominated Sports

Sports in poverdized places have decreased the rate of poverty. Why not decrease the rate of poverty even more by increasing female participation?

Women who participate in sports they want to rather than what they are limited to are shown to be happier and less stressed.

Women have been limited to sports defined as female dominated in countries other than America, We're the lucky ones. Female dominated sports are usually known as sports such as Cheerleading, Volleyball, Synchronized Swimming, and Figure Skating.

There are not many Female cheerers in sports crowds since a lot are accused of going for titilatory reasons, which are true for some but not all.

These pictures show women participating in male dominated sports and they all capture the commitment they have to the teams, yet still get accused for going to sporting events to watch player's "butt's" rather than just the enjoyment of the game.


Created with images by RemazteredStudio - "sport treadmill tor" • s.yume - "Women's Gold Medal: Canada vs. USA" • ResoluteSupportMedia - "Afghanistan Women's Soccer vs ISAF" • roanokecollege - "Women's Lacrosse" • skeeze - "basketball game competition" • kbrady - "cheer cheerleader girl" • PreciousBytes - "Moonlight Synchro (White Night Melbourne 2014)" • Unsplash - "ice skates hanging winter" • keijj44 - "volleyball player female"

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