Dear colleagues in the health and beauty business!

We proudly introduce our new cosmetic brand: MORE BEAUTIFUL DAYS®.

The new vision of eternal values.

The brand embodies a new understanding of cosmetics, its objectives and its place in human life. Our product has a quick, comprehensive and deep effect on skin, to help a person keep skin in the best natural condition.

The natural ingredients in our recipe affect not only the physical body but also its “subtle” energy and mood. This may be important for those who have a strong interest in enhanced vision and consciousness. Everyone is agreed now that thoughts and mood play a serious part in physical wellbeing.

It is a chance to have a personal experience with authentic Ayurvedic recipes, prepared according to traditional knowledge — the best of ancient and modern technologies together in one product with uncompromising safety standards.

Global cooperation.

Our natural ingredients are from various places. Most of our ingredients are processed fresh, where they grew. The final production is made in Europe.

"Premium" means premium in all the details.

Our products are of the highest quality — so, naturally, we’ve provided packaging to match. It looks fantastic, and the workmanship is unmistakeable, reflecting the value of the contents inside.

"Self-promoting" package.

The packaging of our products is itself a powerful marketing instrument. Our target audience prefers to have the maximum information to help them make their choice — the package provides it.

The labels and packaging of each item state the product name in the language of your country. Therefore, you do not need to apply additional labels.


Testers are very important sales aids. The size of the tester and its dispensing method have been carefully chosen to help keep the product looking clean and fresh while on display.

Our distribution strategy.

MORE BEAUTIFUL DAYS® products are sold only in our official online store and through partners who work directly with us, the manufacturers. We are a family business, and we prefer to work with those we know personally. It is important to us that there is personal contact between the seller of our goods and the consumer.

Our partners usually use our products themselves; many of them came to us precisely because they have our products in action and are convinced of how effective they are. Personal experience and sincere recommendations – these are more convincing to buyers than any advertising.


We understand very well that retail trade is a costly business, and that working with a new product is always a risk. Therefore, we give you the opportunity to purchase your first order on preferential terms: the purchase amount is €170 and you will receive the maximum discount on the retail prices – 50%. You will receive 5 bottles of oil for this money and two testers for free. All this we will deliver free of charge.

Your second and subsequent purchases are subject to a discount system depending on the volume of purchases. A spend of only €340 is enough to qualify you for the maximum discount of 50%. We will deliver your purchase free of charge by courier.

All the mentioned prices include all the taxes. You will pay exactly what you see in our offers and price-list.

Always in touch.

We are open to dialogue 24 hours a day. Please write to our director Gleb Belyaev at morebeautifuldays@gmail.com, or call him on his mobile phone: + 371 28104 158.

Our online store operates a chat function. You can use this chat to ask about products, their effect and usage, as well as enquire about the conditions of retail and wholesale purchases, discounts and delivery. The store and chat operate seven days a week.

Promotional materials.

We provide high-quality images and detailed descriptions of our products for placement on the pages and in the stores of our partners.

How to start a partnership.

Simply write, call, or ask us a question via online chat. Tell us what kind of partnership you are interested in or just ask to send the price-list with all the discounts.

Help us to make an ideal offer.

We are confident in our products, confident in the effects of our products, and confident in the pleasure they provide. In our opinion, the packaging also does not disappoint, and the prices and terms of cooperation allow our customers and partners to get the most out of them. We really think that our proposal is absolutely compelling :)

But if you are not yet convinced – if you do not want to immediately order from us or at least get acquainted with us and start a dialogue – we would very much like you to get in touch with us about what you personally feel is lacking in our proposal. Variety, discounts, free samples? We very much look forward to your help – your advice will be listened to and definitely taken into consideration.

Created By
Gleb Belyaev

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