Otzi's Murder Mystery By alexander k.

This is Otzi after being recovered

who is Otzi? Otzi was the name given of a mummified human that lived in Northern Italy right on the border between Italy and Austria. He was a hunter that lived in the Copper Age, 5300 Years ago and was even before the pyramids and written history. There are many theories of how he dies and I will talk about them in the next slide but he did have some wounds in his shoulder from an arrow that pierced through his skin and wounded him so he could not run or hide from the cold. He lived mountain tribe in the Otztal Alps were many of his friends and family lived. He was discovered in 19 September 1991, by two German tourists that were hiking in the area and at the elevation of 10,000ft and found him under the ice. Otzi was covered in ice when he died with his arm across his face and with tattoos all around his body.He was deep under the snow that is why he was persevered and all the water evaporation out of him so the preservation was even better. He was the most perfectly preserved mummified human artifact ever and was almost the oldest too. However, now that climate change is a big problem it melted the ice and snow so it was discovered easily without having to dig. That was who Otzi is but now lets look at ho he died.

How did Otzi die? Otzi's death is a mystery that needs to be solved so I and other researchers do too. Otzi, I think did not die naturally because he does have wounds in his shoulders which may indicate have been shot by an arrow. I think that he was sacrificed to the gods as a way of making price for that year. He was a high rank in his class so it is not uncommon especially in that era to be sacrificed as a way of pleasing the gods. By the looks of things he was ambushed from the peaks of the mountain which again is a very common place to be sacrificed especially a mountain tribe. He was ambushed by his people out of his village as a ritual of the people. It seems very likely to me. There are many theories on how Otzi died and they seem very probable but to me, this is the most convincing.

All this information was found by scientist.

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