Bank Reconciliation Statements

Bank Reconciliation Form

Here I will demonstrate how to complete a Bank Reconciliation Form. Using said form, resembling the one shown above, you will reconcile your checking account with the bank's statement, making sure it is void of any errors. On the left side of such a form, you will record any and all outstanding checks and deposits into your checking account.

Outstanding Check Report

You must add any outstanding deposits and subtract any outstanding checks from the balance noted in your check book, as well as note the check number for each outstanding check. On the right side, or the bank statement side, you must add interest and subtract any service charge from the balance given to you by the bank.

Bank and Check Statements

The two balances, both checking and bank balances, should now be equal. If they are not, then either you or the bank may have made a mistake, so check your math. If you are not at fault, contact the bank within the next ten days.

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