Daily Action Gomi Zhou 2016

Starting from the beginning of 2016, every night before I go to bed, I go on YouTube. Eventually, I start to do this almost unconsciously every day. Since I watch YouTube for at least three hours per day, the videos I watch really reflect and affect my emotions of that day. My recommended list reflects what I watch on that particular day. Even though I watch the same bunch of creators, there's always slight difference from day to day. For the past two years, YouTube has been a very big factor of my life. I grew and changed with that community. Yet even today, I'm quite embarrassed by the videos I watch and enjoy. Maybe it's because every day the videos become more and more personal. But one thing is certain, that everyday I love this community more and more. And I hope I can continue to grow with it, and hopefully one day, I will not be embarrassed anymore.

Photo taken by Marilyn Nguyen

Ah, i was going back to some Zalfie nostalgia. Seems like I was quite desperate for a cute relationship.
Went on a cover/music marathon.
There goes Troye, and Dan and Phil. Fangirling as usual.
I think I just randomly clicked open a few of the weird videos from creators I watch.
Yup. One of those days where I completely lost myself, into the dark void of YouTube community. Embarrassing.
Me falling behind on watching new and old videos.
Used my laptop instead of iPad tonight. Don't know what's happening. Definitely should use my laptop for YouTube a bit more.

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