Club Sports Needs Support Kyree Wilson

Liberty university has a wide assortment of club sports to partake in. Each one has it's own special way of training, and each one requires specific equipment and a specific place to train.

The problem is that Liberty does not follow this guideline, leaving many club sports teams practicing off campus or in a smaller facility. If liberty's director of club sports, Kirk Handy, were to help push the idea of more training facilities, then Liberty would have more popular teams, but also the benefit of avoiding injuries due to their inconsideration.

A liberty student who was injured due to the fact that she had practiced on bad flooring.

This is the flooring for wrestling athletes and is not adequate for almost any other sport. Yet, even though this is true Liberty still required two other club sports teams to practice at The wrestling facility.

Liberty has recently torn down the same wrestling facility to add more bleachers for their football games, this has caused three different club sports programs/teams to lose a precious training facility.

The Taekwondo team now must practice at the volleyball court. the problem with this is that the facility was not meant for them, it is several times harder than the wrestling mat.

If Kirk Handy were to raise these problems to the facility construction team at Liberty action can take place. It is also true that Liberty has the money and space to construct more facilities, and most teams can easily share space with one another, as long as the facility can be adjusted for the specific team.

If these problems and solutions are taken into consideration a noticeable rise in safety can be seen in each club sport.

This would also benefit more than just the Taekwondo club sports team but also any other Club sports team that does not have a facility to train at.

And if these solutions are acted on Club sports would have an increase in happy, healthy, safe, and strong competitors.


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