Comfy Friday Nights Trisha

Our Plan: We wanted to display and show the experience of a comfortable Friday night, with our favourite t.v. shows on Netflix, and our favourite foods like pizza. However we did have a few last minute change in plans, as due to communication difficulties, we were unable to bring pizza and popcorn. We however made do with the materials we had, like polaroids and candy, and got a reasonable and great result. We could improve on our communication, because we weren't able to collaborate and bring materials due to lack of communication.

Our Experience: We had a great time arranging the materials to create the mood and set, even though we did have a few obstacles along the way. This project was quite fun and interesting, especially because we picked a theme that we had interest in. The ending result was quite successful and aesthetic, and we were quite satisfied with the way the polaroids looked with the earphones and laptop. We positioned all the items to make the picture look extremely aesthetic and professional. We positioned the Mentos in a way that it looked like it had spilled, and we put the polaroids in the corner, and on the polaroids were a few activities and places we liked, like palm trees and blue skies.

Finally: Our original plan didn't come out the way we thought it would, but it was still successful. We just didn't seem to have some of the materials, so we became creative and used what we had, which actually seemed to help our project. For example, we used Mentos and fruits to replace the pizza and popcorn which was extremely hard for us to bring, and we printed out the polaroids that one of our group member's made on an app.

One of the items we used were polaroids, on which we put a few places we loved, such as the beach and the beautiful evening skies. It added colour to our overall project, and we loved the way it turned out. It was quite last minute however, and we were panicked as we were afraid that the polaroids wouldn't be printed on time. However, the polaroids got printed, and even though it was slightly large, it looked quite aesthetic and pleasing.

We worked well as a group, we however needed to collaborate more. We also could have brought a few more materials to enhance the "comfy Friday night" experience for a student. Overall we loved this project, and were very excited to express ourselves through this art unit.

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