Climate Change by minjun seo

Social Issue- Climate Change

Summary- Climate change is a big problem relating to our everyday lives. Climate changes have been worsening as each year passed. We can see these signs in nature such as the sea level rising, global temperature, more frequent extreme events.

How you arrived at this inspiration- This social issue was particularly interesting to me. This was the first social issue that popped up into my eyes and I decided to do this.

How it relates to you on a personal level- I feel that this social issue is important to me on a personal level because I want the place I am living in to be

What you want to accomplish by learning more about the issue- I hope to at least slow it down until we can figure out a solution to stop global warming.

Why your cohort should consider it- It is important because now with climate change, there are things now such as droughts and extreme heat waves or heavy rainfall which can lead to food shortages and etc.

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