Water Brochure By Wyatt painter

Hydroelectricity is a type of power efficiency that is used as a power source by only using water. This type of power is used as a efficient and powerful way to produce electricity and reduces the pollution that normal factories or oil power sources would give off. The only downfall to this power source is that it requires a lot of water that can use force to push something to make electricity.
Water Quality is a big factor to our everyday lives. The quality of our water must be perfect for us to drink so that we can live. There are a lot of different types of water qualities, spring water, fresh water, salt water, swampy water, muddy water, irradiated water, the list goes on and on. Our water quality must be perfect because we cant live of of salt water because we can consumer much of it o it will kill us.
Water Properties are the different characteristics of water and the effect it has on us. It is very clear that water is a very important need in our everyday lives. It keeps us living and cools our body, without water we couldn't live because we would need water to keep hydrated and keep our blood pumping. Water has many properties like: hydrating, powerful in a storm, effective, and much much more. Water can has various properties depending on the use of or its functioning. Were still finding many new ways to use this great and powerful substance.


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