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Pokémon in 2016

Pokémon is a worldwide trend that started in 1996 in Japan, and 1998 in the United States. It has seen immense popularity even in 2016 with the release of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon for the Nintendo 3DS, and Pokémon Go. This year marks its 20th anniversary. They have celebrated this year by releasing Mythical Pokémon for the X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire versions which were released 2013 and 2014 respectively for the 3DS. Most were over Wi-Fi, but some were only available at certain game stores like GameStop if you lived in the US. There were also trading card versions of the Mythical Pokémon, as well as special plushies.

Pokémon is so diverse that there is a community sub-sect for everyone. It has its own anime, merchandise, trading card game, and of course there are the video games. There's also Pokémon Go, which became a huge craze during the summer, only slowly down after the hype wore off. They also have also temporarily removed the tracker to increase server stability, which miffed quite a few Pokémon Go fans. However, Pokémon Go is still going stronger with each update and text fix.

Look! Look at all the Pokemon related pictures!


Competitive and Casual Players

The Pokémon community can be dived even more into competitive and casual. Casual players enjoy Pokémon at face value. They mostly play to have fun and don't get super serious with either the trading card game or video games. A well-known casual player would be Marriland. He is known for slower paced Let's Plays and Nuzlockes, which is a challenge format that many people like to use for Pokémon as it adds difficulty to the games. Competitive can be considered the complete opposite. They use base stats, abilities, and moves that Pokémon learn to determine their worth. While not every Pokémon is not considerably useful, it does not mean that they are worthless. Competitive players are not bad either. They play for the fun of battle, especially with others.


Smogon is a website dedicated to competitive Pokémon and ranks them into tiers. These tiers range from Anything Goes to Little Cup. What do they do? While it sounds like it ranks them all by usage, that is only partially true. Most of the tiers, like Overused and Underused, ranks them by usage. The three Borderline tiers are not actually tiers, but a ban list that prevents them from being used in lower tiers. A couple of the rules include Evasion Clause and Sleep Clause, which ban the use of evasion moves and putting more than two Pokémon at a time to sleep. While some may not want to be restricted to certain Pokémon to play a simple child's game, there is no reason to worry. These rules are optional.


Pokémon World Championships

You may be wondering why the Pokemon World Championships is not sectioned off with the competitive players of Smogon. That is because the Pokemon World Championships is big, massive even. It is such a massive event that included 35 countries in 2016. It is hosted by the Pokemon Company itself. They have their own rules for participating, which can be found here on their resource page. It has everything you would need to know about all the rules and regulations of both the video game and trading card game formats.

It is important to know that Pokemon VGC (video game championships) uses a format similar to Smogon, but without all the clauses, and not as many Pokemon are banned from play. The Pokemon that are banned are a few major Legendary Pokemon, due to their high base stats and Mythical Pokemon, due to their rarity. The battle format is also exclusively Double Battles, where trainers send out two Pokemon at a time instead of one. It makes everything more challenging and require players to thing of different strategies than ones seen in Single Battles.


Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go was released July 6, 2016 in North America and has been a huge hit since then. It was a craze that hadn't been seen since the days of Red and Blue. Go is a mobile game created by Niantic and available on Apple and Android. Players are able to catch 146 of the 150 Pokemon that make up the first generation of Pokemon. The unreleased Pokemon are the three legendary birds, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, and the most powerful Pokemon of its time, Mewtwo.

Of course, many have concerns to the safety of this app due to its distracting nature. Sage Journals cautions people to be attentive to their surrounding when they play the game, especially children. It makes sense of course. The world the does not pause when you are zoned in your screen. It does helps to occasionally look away away from the screen from time to time.

Pokemon in 2017

Pokemon has given us so much in the past 20 years. Some people were born before its creation and some were born after. Pokemon Go has especially prove that one can never be too old for Pokemon. Pokemon Sun and Moon continue the trend of the Pokemon games, but have mixed things up a little by replacing gyms with trials. It just goes to show that even Pokemon can mix things up and create something new out of something old. We don't know what the Pokemon will do from here, but I know it will be a shocker


Photo Essay

The Pokemon World Championships 2016 was quite a big year for competitors. In fact, there were more this year than the years prior. So big that the event was closed to spectators without a special badge. Even so, that did not stint their fun in the slightest, and top things off, new Pokemon from the latest games Sun and Moon were revealed!


Annotated Bibliography

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“Latest News.” Smogon University - Competitive Pokémon Community, Smogon, www.smogon.com/. Smogon is the hub if you want a competitive challenge. With tiers, the restrictions allow Pokemon who would normally sink in normal competitive play a chance to shine. The clauses allow a freer way to play, banning evasion enhancing moves and one-hit KO moves.

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“Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke, Part 00: Ruling the Rules! ,” director. Marriland, 27 Oct. 2012, www.youtube.com/watch?v=53fsGTXpM4U. This video is part 0 of Marriland's first Nuzlocke adventure. It explains all the rules to the challenge. I chose this video over any other because it is just the basic rules and not anything else added to make it more challenging like his latest challenges. He also has more expertise on the topic than I do, having only completed the challenge once.

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Reflective Piece

I have probably gained the ability to position myself into a public conversation and composed a logical argument supported by research. If I actually had to of course. I am not fond of having to explain things in great detail, especially without any visual aids. Pokémon is more than just throwing Pokéballs at Pokémon, so it can be hard to convey unknown feelings. I can give points to why it is more than just a game marketed at young children and how adults can also benefit from it. Most people who do play Pokémon have some sort of Internet connection so being able to write something using a program such as Adobe Spark is a means of communication. They might find this small piece while searching for the location of where to find a specific Pokémon or item. I have also gained the knowledge of different texts to use for my research and where to find them. Since Pokémon is mostly digital, most of my resources will be found on the Internet. When really reflecting on my inner abilities to make myself a better writer, it would obviously be to stop procrastinating. It usually happens when I think the assignment is easy or boring. Then, I freak out and stop thinking when I realize that I let too much time slip. I usually use good grammar and etcetera otherwise.


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