Anna's Journey By: Krista Stapleton

Anna was suddenly separated from her family. While Anna was stuck in a tree she decided to go on an amazing journey.

I began my amazing journey as a water molecule stuck in a tree. As I sit in this tree scared and all alone without my family my instinct for adventure starts to kick in. Slowly I begin the terrifying slide down the trunk. As I move through the tree my body starts to change. I traveled through the tree eventually I transpired through the tiny hole to begin my next journey.



"What's happening to me!"

"Your evaporating, this all happens to us when the sun heats up and then we all evaporate!"

"Thanks for the information!"

I really didn't understand. All I cared about was finding my family. I would do anything to find them. While I was evaporating I noticed a tann blob in the sky. I looked at the tann blob and realized it was the marshmallow kingdom. I've always wanted to see the marshmallow kingdom. Once I reached the kingdom I discovered that I had condensed.

I explored the marshmallow kingdom, everything looked so vibrant. I was surprised when I came upon the queen. I thought that she would be apart of the marshmallow but she was normal like me.

"Umm queen I was going to ask you something about my..."

"Silence, what will you give me for this question girl."

"Uhhh I don't have anything except my gold necklace."

"I won't take it."

The queen didn't seem to like it, but she decided to take it anyways.

"What's your question?"

"I was wondering if you have seen my parents?"

"I'm sorry I haven't seen your parents any where."

It was a huge mistake to come here, but I came to find my family.I will have to look harder. Maybe I will find them in the lake or the ocean.


I experienced another change as I walked out of the kingdom.

"Were precipitating!"

"Oh no."


Suddenly we all started to fall through the marshmallow. While we were falling I wondered where I might be going and if my family might be there. I looked down and noticed that instead of going into the ocean I was going into to the lake.



All of a sudden I was surrounded by water. I was so excited to almost be near my family. I was so close I could feel it.

Anna has been staying in the lake for 6 days, this is called accumulation. Accumulation is caused when a water droplet stays in water for so long like Anna is right now.


Six days later and I'm still in this mess. I really hate it here. It's so boring, I have no friends to play with, there is no one to talk to, and I stayed in the same place every single day.

"You're accumulating," whispered a voice.

"What the?"

"You're accumulating.

"What do you mean?"

"Come closer Anna and you might know who I am."



The voice was a whale. She was as big as an airplane. She was beautiful and friendly.


"How do you know me."

"I know everybody and I'm Chlorisa."

"Nice to meet you Chlorisa."

After some time had passed, I heard a loud bang.


I saw a big pink long worm in the lake. It picked me up and I slide down into a dark cave. I was surrounded by pink except the green river bellow me.

"Hey you there," whispers a suspicious voice.

I pointed at myself.

"Yeah you, come here I gotta tell you something."


"Splash, splash."

"So what do you want to tell me."

"You want to get out of here right."

"Yes and how do you plan to get out of here."

"The others have planned to tickle the uvula and then it'll sneeze you right out, we've tried every year but it always failed."

"I will help you get out."

"Thank you so much, we all thank you."

After some time had passed, we had latters around the uvula and every one try's to tickle it but it takes hours. It starts to move but still nothing.

All of a sudden, the animal sneezed me out of its mouth and all of the water molecules flew every where like a dog shaking all the water off its back. It felt amazing I was wondering where I would go next. Suddenly, I started to feel lighter than normal and in a blink of an eye I was in the sky.


I noticed that I was back at the marshmallow kingdom. Great, the last time I was here I didn't find my family so this place isn't so helpful. Everyone looked at me like I was special but really I'm not.

"Great job," some person told me.

"Thanks," I murmured.

Surprisingly, I didn’t stay long in the marshmallow kingdom, then I started to precipitate but it was colder this time as I was falling from the marshmallow kingdom I looked different. I was pointed and sharper than a knife, I was more flaky than bread, and I was colder than ice. As I looked down ther was an ice flow.

The ice flow was super cool but super cold too. I just hope that I don't stay here for 6 days or more. As I was here I found cool objects and animals on the way like a torch, flint, wolfs, and humans.

For 2 days I have been sitting on the ice flow but I experienced a weird change in my body. All of a sudden my legs were turned into nothing but liquid. Then my whole body just turned into liquid and I started to head to the river.

Traveling down the river I saw plants, trees, animals, and more. It was amazing to see so many creatures, but I started to sink to the bottom and I started to soak into the soil but not normal soil it was rocky soil. When I was sinking I started to realize what I was going through infiltration or I'm infiltrating.


I was super tired when I got stuck, I just decided to go to bed. When I woke up my hair was 20 to 30 feet long. It was incredible but I was still asking people but just one person told me that I was in groundwater which makes a water droplet feel sleepy, which also makes you sleep for 100 years. I was rushing to get back to the surface and thank god I evaporated back up to the surface then I became a water molecule in the river.

"Wooooohooooo runoff!"

As I was in the river I saw the ocean and I was heading down there I was super excited but then ran into a moose that was drinking in the river.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" I screamed.

I really didn't want to get stuck but I was smart and swam away from it and as I new it I was in the ocean.


I looked everywhere but I still couldn't find my family until I found them by another whale. I was so thankful and my family was too thanks to my family I'm now just going to stick with my for the rest of my life.

Anna and family


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