low key wavey By hailey taylor

Community Motto:

If your chill and happi your good:)

Community Seal


Vision Statement

This utopia is for people to be happi all the time! Our goal is for no more hate or problems. If your chill, than everything is good.

Community Rules

1. You have to be really chill all the time. 2. You have to be nice to everyone. 3. FUN is prior to live here, have fun! 4. You have to wake up by 10 am or sooner. 5. There is work, but you only have to work 1 day a week. 6. Everyone does their part so you have to do yours, that way no one has to pay for anything! 7. You have to have breakfast at 11 and have dinner at 6pm. 8. There is an extra day in the week called Wavy day. This day is for partying. You can have parties all the other day but Wavy day is the PARTY of the week. 9. Starting at age 8 you have to take volleyball lessons. 10. You have to be friends with everyone.


Our location is in Hawaii. Hawaii is a great place to live in. You can go swimming anytime you want. It is sunny ALL the time. You can relax anywhere. There is amazing animals. Come and live here!!

Daily Schedule

You wake up at 10am in the morning. Then you get ready and then at 11 you go and have breakfast with your family or friends. After that you can do whatever you want. You could go and get lunch at anytime. Then at 6pm you go get dinner with family or friends. But on 1 day of the week you have to work 6 to 7 hours. But mostly you can do whatever you want.


Our type of government is Oligarchy. It is a small group of people having control of a community. That way there is some order but people still have freedom.

Come Stay!

Come and live at Low Key Wavey! There is no problems here. You relax the whole time! There's no school and no stress. Everyone here is kind and super chill. Come live at this rad place.


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