4B#22 Rowan Smyth My trip to america

American Flag

I am Jeff Fiddleton SR. age 39, In 1924 I came from Ireland to America I went on a boat with a lot of smelly people and it was crowded. I lived in the first class.It took about 1 and a half weeks. Then I saw the Statue of Liberty and I filled with joy it was a beautiful sight the first time I saw America.The boat filled with joy, I was so happy. When we got to Ellis Island I set my bag down so I could go to inspection. Then I went to the registry room where I got inspected for legal and medical stuff,the registry room was so big it was 200ft long and 102ft wide it was called the great hall. My brother got a disease and had to stay at Ellis Island he eventually died later. Then I went to the kissing post with my son and I and I met my wife there and we finally got through Ellis Island it took about 4 hours.I now live in New York I am a construction worker.

This is the flag of Ireland that is where I came from.

This is the statue of liberty that is what I first saw on my journey to america.

This the American flag this is the country I came to.

This is was my homeland's map .It is of Ireland.

Statue of Liberty Fun Facts

  • It's in New York
  • Wears a crown with 7 rays that stands for the 7 continents
  • Made out of thin sheets of copper
  • Air makes the copper green
  • Gave to America from France

Favorite Things About Ellis Island Tour

  • The virtual reality tour of Ellis Island
  • Listening to the people who went through Ellis Island
  • Reading about the things you go through at Ellis Island


Ellis Island

Statue of LIberty

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