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Oahu is the third biggest island in the state of Hawaii. Oahu is a total of 596.7 square miles. Oahu is also home to Hawaii's capital, Honolulu.

Oahu is the island that is highlighted in red.

Things To Do

One of the many things that you can do is visit Diamond Head which is a crater on the island of Oahu that was caused by a volcanic explosion. Diamond head also has a few hiking trails that attracts lots of hikers. You can also visit a Disney resort that is on the island. Another fun thing to do in Oahu is visit Waikiki which is a neighborhood in Honolulu. Waikiki is most famous for Waikiki beach which is a very popular beach on the ocean.

This is an overhead picture of Diamond Head


Aulani is the name of the Disney resort in Kapolei. The resort has 359 guest rooms. Aulani also has a protected ocean area, a pool area with a lazy river, snorkling, and water slides.

Aulani Disney resort

Pearl Harbor Memorials

on the left is the USS Arizona memorial and on the right is the USS Missouri memorial.

Another thing you can do is visit Pearl Harbor, where the Japanese bombed Hawaii on December 7, 1941. While you are in Pearl Harbor you can visit the USS Arizona memorial which honors the many soldiers that were killed on the ship the day the Japanese bomber Pearl Harbor. You can also visit the USS Missouri which honors all of the fallen soldiers that died on the ship on that day.

The USS Arizona is pictured with the USS Missouri behind it.


Oahu is over 300 years old. In those three hundred years Oahu has seen a lot of major events. Back in the 19th century Oahu was ruled by King Kamehameha. On December 7th 1941 Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese which lead to the U.S entering World War II.

The picture on the far left is a picture of King Kamehameha. The picture in the middle is a statue of King Kamehameha. And the picture on the far right is a picture of the Bombing of Pearl Harbor.


The Laie Hawaiian temple

There are many Hawaiian temples scattered around the island . At traditional Hawaiian gatherings called Luaus people do a dance called the Hula which is traditional. There are many different kinds of areas. You could be in the city and be driving and with in ten minutes be in the middle of no where.

Aerial photo of Oahu Hawaii

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