Mavic Haute Route Rockies supplemental support proposal

In 2017, the iconic Haute Route brand brings its fabled event series to the United States for the first time to beautiful Colorado, the heartland of American cycling.

Internationally renowned as the highest, toughest and most prestigious amateur race series in the world, Haute Route has built a devoted fan base in the United States that has fueled strong registration numbers in year one. Some riders are past participants, others are drawn to the event based on the strength of the brand alone – world class, beautiful, legendary….

As excitement for the 2017 Mavic Haute Route Rockies continues to build in the U.S. with hundreds of participants already on board, there is an opportunity to impact many more – U.S. Cycling enthusiasts who may not have been exposed to the Haute Route brand and don’t know what a special opportunity awaits them in their own backyard.

Adding to your existing efforts, the PRO team would like to work with you to make Year 1 a sell-out and lay the foundation for future Haute Route events in the U.S.


  • Time: the majority of "planners" have registered and are heavy in training. While they are plentiful, they are not enough. Remaining slots will be filled not by planners, but by impulsive thrill-seekers who need to be enticed with an exciting call to action.
  • The majority of Haute Route event participants are European with only 6% traditionally from the United States. While the event will include some riders from overseas, turnout for a North American event will be presumably smaller and registration will lean more heavily on American athletes.
  • Haute Route's social media platforms primarily speak to core brand enthusiasts and have a very exclusive feel. In terms of reaching a new audience in the U.S., the current content and messaging might not compel newcomers -- aka the impulsive thrill-seekers -- to stop and pay attention.
  • Messages and testimonials that would appeal to the thrill-seekers are buried, I.E.; the magnitude of the life experience, its status as a "bucket list" adventure, and so on -- these "hooks" of appeal remain largely undiscovered to the outsider.
  • Content is not targeted and does not reach a large U.S. audience. If the brand is not running targeted social media ads, event posts are only seen (and relevant to) a very small percentage of Haute Route followers on Facebook.


In support of Haute Route’s existing efforts, we would suggest another layer, squarely focused on driving registration using a mix of digital media tools, targeted advertising and PR to reach the target consumer in a condensed period of time. Key strategic elements would include:

Regional Targeting

Endurance sports participants in the U.S. rate proximity to events the #1 factor in their decision to participate, making Colorado residents, who also happen to be among the country’s most avid and most fit cycling enthusiasts, the primary targets.

Appealing to the Challenge Seekers

Who are the people willing to take on an epic seven day race less than three months away? They are challenge seekers who place a high value on life experiences. They are driven by adrenaline, emotion and a desire to live life to the fullest. The Haute Route experience massively appeals to these sentiments and will be a key driver in campaign messaging that will move people to action.

Leveraging and Enhancing Haute Route’s Existing Assets

Stunning photography, beautifully shot videos and powerful testimonials are plentiful in the Haute Route arsenal of content. They will be heavily incorporated to better tell the Haute Route story and create compelling digital marketing assets.

Tactical Elements


Given how little time there is, the organic audience is not enough and we would highly suggest a paid Facebook campaign targeting local cyclists who fit the Haute Route profile. Using a proprietary advertising platform built for endurance sports and designed to drive registrations, PRO can create and manage a highly customized Facebook advertising campaign from start to finish.

  • A 5-week tightly focused campaign targeting consumers who mirror Haute Route’s ideal demographic / interest profile and reside in Colorado
  • Further demographic narrowing to targets who live in route cities
  • Additional targeting to neighboring states and/or states where cycling participation is high: California, Texas, Arizona
  • Ads displayed to your ideal participants and their friends, further optimized by what they post and talk about
  • Creation of hundreds of ad variations continuously optimized and tested for maximum return on ad spends; non-performing ads are pulled immediately
  • Responsive advertising based on what people are posting/talking about on social
  • Detailed weekly reporting on performance and actions generated


Working closely with your digital media team, we can help you appeal to the thrill-seekers and create new content squarely focused on driving registration for Haute Route Rockies:

  • Build out a four-week editorial calendar for Facebook that compliments Haute Route’s existing content plan
  • Create visually compelling content with a strong call to action that appeals to the challenge-seeking, impulsive, fear-of-missing-out customer
  • Repurpose existing photos, videos to create new and interesting pieces of content: GIF’s, graphics, shorter and more sharable video clips
  • Create weekly digital assets for current registrants, including select VIP riders, for use on their own social platforms
  • Create and distribute a media-rich email campaign to your existing database / participant list indicating limited spots left for the U.S. event


To drive conversations in race markets, we will identify untapped opportunities to increase brand awareness in Colorado and in the greater endurance sports community overall:

  • Identify new story angles that highlight the incredible Haute Route experience, powerful personal stories of participants and the events’ great impact on its charitable partner
  • Conduct outreach to local market media in route cities and select endurance sports / outdoor publications as desired by client’s communications team
  • Service media in the diabetes community and highlight Haute Route’s partnership with the TT1 Foundation



  • 8-10 weeks beginning week of April 3 / all inclusive
  • $10,000 total project fee


  • 5 week campaign + 1 week setup / ad creation + targeting + programming
  • $3,500 total project fee


  • 5-10 hours of strategy sessions with executive level team members to guide your in-house team's execution
  • $250/hour

Together we can sell out Mavic Haute Route Rockies.

Call us to get started.

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