6 room poem

The clean cut froggy green grass, But with a diamond outline of brownish tough dirt, Filled with long chalk lines and 4 white safe bases, The giant empty outfield with a bordering fence, On the outsides of the field crowded with 2 dugouts, Filled with players bat and gloves, Baseball, my childhood
The bright sun shining down, With the hot rays beaming on you all day, Seems like torture but it's really paradise, Baseball will turn it all into heaven, Baseball, my life
It might seem loud but the sounds are peaceful, Bat hitting balls into the empty outfields, People yelling to the top of there lungs cheering, The umpire shouting “strike 3 you're out!”, All sounds that make me feel like i'm home, Baseball, my work
How does anyone not like baseball?, The only question i have, It's an easy answer, baseball is the funnest, And best thing to do in the whole world, So try to answer this question, Baseball, my job
Baseball is where i grew up, It is the best thing in my life, I wouldn't be able to live without it, It's my favorite sport and completes me, Baseball, my passion
Baseball is where i grew up, Is where i grew, Where i grew up


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