Monica Calvillo MCOM 63

Election issues and the concerns of a Millennial

The fear of unemployment

Waiting on a better tommorrow

Manuel Garivay is 52-year-old man who migrated from Guadalajara, Mexico to Chicago, Illinois. At 15 Manuel and his mother made the move to San Jose, California. Growing up Manuel struggled with making the transitions from one country to another, he began to hang around troublesome individuals that led him down the wrong path and was sent to prison. During his time behind bars his mother who was his only family, got very ill and soon after passed away. When Manuel was released he had no place to call home and no allies to call on leaving him with the cruel reality of having to see the streets as a new home. With time Garivay overcame his drug and alcohol addictions and was ready to start his life over. Throughout the process he suffered from depression and took in his dog boo to help him cope with the lifestyle he was living using him as a muse to better himself as a individual. Manuel spent his years bouncing from different locations in the San Jose area in hopes of finding some help. The San Jose Street Team and his assigned case manager were the only hope he had left to help him improve his life style. Now living at Saint James Park in downtown San Jose he is left waiting to hear back with some good news. Manuel is faced with the frustration of having to put his progression on pause because it is put in someone else's hands. After 10 years on the streets Manuel remains optimistic about his future.


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