Portrait of Photography Laura Salerno

Why I chose to take photography.

My interest in photography began a long time ago, but the first time I started to seriously consider it was when I took my sisters senior photos in 2014 and that really made me want to learn more about photography. I've considered making photography a side hobby later in my life and figured I needed to start somewhere. I hoped to learn how to become a "real" photographer who knew how to manipulate lighting and setting to get the best product possible.

Depth of Field

My drip project 1A exemplifys a short depth of field. When shooting this shot my aperture was opened up. So, I was using an aperture of 4.5. You can see in my image that the front part of the drip is clear and sharp while the background is blurry. This shows a short depth of field. If it were a long depth of field the entire image would be clear, front to back.


My portrait project 5B shows catch light in both eyes of the subject. It also shows pretty strong side lighting with he key light coming from the left of the model. Fill light is evident on her right cheek also allowing for the catch light in her opposite eye. The lighting was too low to be Rembrandt lighting so her nose shadow is not as prominent as it could have been.


In our product shots, optimizing came in very handy. For my image using the green background, draw attention to the product I used dodging to brighten the subject and burning slightly on the background. I also added a vignetting layer to subtly draw the eye directly to the subject. In both images, to enhance the colors I adjusted the saturation slightly with a hue saturation layer. This also brightened the colors making them even more eye catching.

The curves adjustment layer I added enhanced the contrast of the images. All the optimizing steps I took was to make the images more appealing and drawing for the viewer. Since these were product shots my goal was accomplished through all these edits.


The portrait project taught me the most learning about all the different types of lighting and what was visually appealing was eye opening. Previously I didn't know that side lighting brought out texture or that Rembrandt lighting was specifically high 45˚ lighting. I didnt know lighting could effect a picture so much. Learning about painting with light was also an eye opening experience. I didnt know you could do such things with a regular camera. I learned a new way of using my camera and how to set up a shot for a painting with light portrait.

The Future

I am most likely to try portraits again. This seemed like the most helpful skill to use. Learning about lighting will help enhance my future skills. I plan to use photography to perhaps take my friends' senior photos.

The Future

I also plan to use these skills at family events. I want to be available for people who know me as option for someone skilled enough to take quality pictures for them. I have taken a step toward achieving these goals by taking this class.

For our final project I used my photoshop skills to invert a series of images. My picture series tells a story. Step by step it takes a person through a time of destruction to the very end. I loved the way the inversion made the flames look. I also like the blue theme that seemed to take over.

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