La Pascualita The Bridal MANNEQUIN

My mother would sometimes tell me the story of "La Pascualita", though I never knew why she would. According to her, La Pascualita was the daughter of a bridal gown shop owner. One day, La Pascualita was put on display with a new dress. People thought it resembled the shops owners daughter. With realistic features, such as veins and the features in her hand.

La Pascualita's hand

Pascuala, the shops owner, tried to counter the rumor but the mannequin said distinct features made it hard to win the argument.

The true story, what my mother has told me, was that la Pascualita was in fact a bride who died in her wedding day because of a black widows bit. La Pascualita was embalmed almost perfectly, and persevered for 75+ years. According to the workers who change her clothing, they have to cover around her with a curtain. They hate it due to the fact that her veins can be seen on her legs as well, with detail at that.

Below is a completely different child, but I included her photo to show how well bodies can be preserved.

My mother probably told me this story to beware of what was in my bed, it could end badly.

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