Running Through COVID-19 BY: ANJANA Kanakamedala

This year sports have been greatly affected due to COVID-19, with only a select few being able to compete “normally”. One of these sports is Cross Country, which is currently in a very unique situation.

First off, runners are obligated to keep masks on unless when running, and coaches have to wear them the entire time.
On the bus, everyone is carefully distanced, making the bonding experience a little stranger. To keep our athletes safe in meets away from school, we have to make sure we follow all the rules as much as possible. Runners wait after starting the meet to spread out and then they take off their masks to tuck them away. After crossing the finish line, they try getting them back on as soon as possible.
Junior captain Sonya Zacharek says, “ More than the new runners, this definitely feels a little different for returning members. We just want to make the most out of the season no matter what happens.”
Runners have worked very hard to be as prepared as possible for the season. Coaches, captains, and seniors have all been working very hard so all new runners feel welcomed, and to make this year as normal, enjoyable, and memorable as possible, even if it is completely different than any other season in the past.
Created By
Anjana Kanakamedala