Formative assessment box Harris Academy HE Dept Good Practice - Mr T Beattie

My travels this week have taken me to our HE department. In keeping with the continued focus on formative assessment and our school improvement plan, the HE department have decided to implement a formative assessment resource that can be used across the department.

Miss Mills was tasked with putting the boxes together, so I caught up with her to have a chat about how she went about the process.

I have implemented them into each classroom as an on hand resource for ensuring classes are being formatively assessed. The box will hopefully raise our awareness of what learning is taking place throughout the lesson, from informing us on how well the pupils have met the learning intentions and success criteria to telling staff what impact the lesson has had on pupil learning, with a few other things thrown in as well.

Within each box there are show me boards and traffic light lolly pop sticks, both of these resources will allow a quick way to assess pupils during learning, especially within an HE class when sometimes you don’t have a large amount of time to do so with the practicalities and timings of the lesson.

The box also contains self assessment sheets and peer assessment sheets, examples of which are included above. This will allow pupils to work collaboratively, but also ensure that we can facilitate pupils in taking time to self reflect on their learning.

Emoji cards have also been included so that pupils can link how they feel after the lesson to an emoji. I felt this would be good for pupils who don’t like to write a lot or pupils who work better through looking at pictures, it differentiates the plenary a little and ensures that each pupil is able to take part.

The development of skills for learning, life and work is such a big part of HE and our associated qualifications so we have put in place a skills sheet that allows pupils to focus on identifying what skills they use within our classrooms.

Finally, our department twitter is becoming a really useful resource for staff and pupils alike so we have included cards for pupils to ‘tweet’ how they feel after the lesson. The hope is to try and link it to an everyday task which they might already do, this will help consolidate the learning and show how the skills inside our HE classrooms are transferable. The use of IT and social media should also make it more of a fun activity.

A big thanks to Miss Mills for taking the time to share the resource. I am really looking forward to seeing the boxes in action next week during the HE department review! Have a think about how some of these resources might be adapted for your curricular area and embedded to make formative assessment run more smoothly in your classroom. As always, any issues, ideas or suggestions please send me an email to ddtbeattie520@glow.sch.uk. Thanks, Tim.

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