Pull Up Banner Design Progression

Current Banners


  • Include the top sports - SC, VB, FB, BK, BB/SB
  • Use similar text from current banners
  • Colors: Red, Dark Blue, White, Black
  • Fonts: Factoria, Siro


Initial Design

The goal of this initial brainstorm was to come up with ways to display the athletes in a natural "non-floating" way, and to incorporate text and images without too much distraction.

Mock Up

I took a picture of a TAC banner that was in the office and used it as a template for our design.


I sent these designs to Kelsey for review. In addition, I went to the design team to gather even more feedback and creative direction. Feedback included:

  • Use white as a primary color and red as an accent
  • More simple design so people can understand the banner at a quick glance
  • Differentiate the pairs of banners so that they are not mistaken as the same content
  • Create a "Hype" banner that is less about content and more about showing off the MaxPreps brand
  • Use angles and motion

My Response

More Feedback

I love feedback! I think the more we edit and delete and modify, the closer we are to getting the finished product that we can only get when we are all invested.

I worked with Megan to edit the informational banner a little bit more. And from our collaboration, we narrowed our focus to the following:

The Final

Hype Banner (on left) focuses on the variety of sports and call to action. Informational Banner (on right) focuses on the importance of MaxPreps for coaches, students, and schools.

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