Western Shores The Hidden Gem

For 15 years I lived in Washington, DC and thought you had to go over the Bay Bridge to get to beaches. When I thought of the Annapolis area I thought of bulkheads and not sand. I know that natives are laughing at this Midwest transplant but I had no idea of the beauty on the western shore of the bay.

Its been several years since I discovered the sandy shores in Calvert county and what a find it has been. I can sun myself on the many different beaches, take walks on the bay boardwalks, relax at a bayside restaurant or go boating all without sitting in the route 50 traffic for hours.

Before the Bay Bridge was built the western shore was the place to be. The Chesapeake Beach Railroad brought people in from the city to enjoy the bay. The small beach cottages from a bygone era dot the communities down here

From the eagles that have landed in my back yard to go fishing or the blue herons that call the marsh their home, the wildlife is amazing this close to the city. My friends in DC think I live hours away but it’s really just 40 minutes from downtown about the same amount of time it would take me most days on the metro to get to my apartment in the city. The difference? Now on my way home, I can see a passing ship on my drive home, watch the sailboats glide in the wind or just watch the waves.


Michell Doell

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