Plot elements. By Aiden and hunter

What are plot elements?

Plot elements are the different stages in a story. They represent the different parts and components that make up a story. There are five different parts to make a complete story, sort of like in steps not like stairs, but like a mountain. The five different Stage in order go; Exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution.

Stage one: Exposition

The exposition is the beginning of the story. In most books, this is the stage where the characters, the setting, and the conflict of the story are introduced. This is sort of like the flat surface before the mountain starts to rise.

Stage two: Rising action

The rising action is where the story starts to get intense and exciting. This is the step that builds up the suspense for the climax of the story, the tension has to be built in a certain way so the reader isn't left bored. Usually in a story, this is the stage where a character takes a step to find an answer to the conflict. This part is like the jagged edges that lead up to the top of a mountain.

Stage three: Climax

This is where to conflict really starts to be a problem. This is the high point in the story and the main character usually has To make a decision that will affect the rest the rest of the story. From the affects of the actions the character makes, the reader may be able to foreshadow the ending.

Stage four: Falling action

The fourth step. This step solves the problem the rising action and climax. This part just prepares the reader for the conclusion and acts as a transition to make everything fall into place smoothly. In the falling action/conclusion, these stages are where a plot twist would be most likely to occur.

Stage five: Resolution

This is the stage where all the little bits and pieces like subplots would come together to wrap up the story. By this time, the problem should be solved. If a plot twist were to happen, it might reset the story back to the rising action or climax, restarting the story. This is the final stage of a story.

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