Videographers CAS Highlights

Videographers at EMU (VEMU) is a community of aspiring videographers and filmmakers who want to further pursue their skills and create content in digital media production as a community. Anyone can join and come to their regular meetings. You can get involved in all sides of production including writing, directing, filming, editing, and acting. You can learn all sides from being a part of VEMU.

Interviewing three members of VEMU Austin Johnson, John Kennedy, and Will Clapp they all talked about their favorite parts of being a part of this organization. Will talked about how creating content has been some of his favorite times with VEMU “Once we have an idea, simply crafting it and creating it as a group is so much fun! From the bloopers, to getting that perfect shot, and the laughs we share while doing it!” says Will. Austin the President of VEMU loves the dynamic of the group “ We all get along so well with one another. It’s a group of people that anyone can just fit right in with. Also each person brings something different to the table in experience and creativity.” says Austin.

“If you have interest in learning how to make movies or video content, you are always welcome to join. It's a fun group to be involved with.” John talked about. Follow Videographers at EMU on social media to get involved!