The Melissa's/World Variety Produce Story "Delivering The Global Market" Los Angeles, California (2018) – Think tasty, creamy, tangy, aromatic, tart, sweet, crunchy and delectable. Within the 280,000 square feet of the Melissa's/World Variety Produce, Inc. warehouse, one is sure to find the freshest fruits and vegetables - quality products with exceptional value and first-class service. Melissa's/World Variety Produce, Inc. is currently the largest distributor of specialty produce in the United States.


Steamed artichoke hearts

CODE: 1436

Size: 12/6.34 oz

Steamed baby beets

CODE: 1417

Size: 12/8 oz

steamed blackeyed peas

CODE: 1418

Size: 12/11 oz

peeled and steamed fava beans

CODE: 1414

Size: 12/8 oz

Creamy horseradish

CODE: 1432

Size: 12/6 oz

crystallized ginger

CODE: 9180

Size: 12/3 oz


CODE: 9317

Size: 12/10 ct

extra hot grated horseradish

CODE: 1433

Size: 12/6 oz

egg roll wraps

CODE: 2575

Size: 12/16 oz

mild kim chee

CODE: 2499

Size: 12/14 oz

Peeled and steemed garbanzo beans

CODE: 1420

Size: 12/9 oz

Steamed red kidney beans

CODE: 1437

Size: 12/9 oz

peeled steamed and cubed golden beets

CODE: 1443

Size: 12/9 oz

shredded horseradish

CODE: 1389

Size: 6/2.12 oz

hot kim chee

CODE: 2498

Size: 12/14 oz

Steamed six bean medley

CODE: 1442

Size: 12/8.8 oz

won ton wraps

CODE: 2570

Size: 12/16 oz

OG And cv steamed lentil

CODE: (OG) 48101, (CV) 1412

Size: 12/9 oz

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