My Religious Exploration Around The World the inside view of my exploit around the globe

These pictures present The Vatican City which is the hearth of Catholicism, a main branch of Christianity.

After a long flight from Dallas and a short drive through scenic Rome I arrived at the Vatican City on December 1st 2016. On my first day of exploration I toured this magnificent and beautiful piece of religious archietecture that expresses the hearth of Catholicism, one of the main branches of Christianity. The Vatican City proves to be important to Christianity because it serves as a center of stability for Catholicism, and holds the sacred tomb of Saint Peter. As well as containing Saint Peters Basilica, The Vatican City is also home to another important religious figure, The Pope. The Vatican City was absolutely breath taking and after a wonderful 4 days I decide to head to the next stop in my religious exploration.

These pictures display The City of Varansi, the spiritual captain of India, which is located on the sacred Ganges River.

The next place I visited was the city of Varansi. I arrived in India December 6th and after a long drive reached Varansi, which is known as the spiritual capital of India. Varansi is located on the banks of the Ganges River and draws in Hindu pilgrims who bathe in the sacred waters and perform funeral rituals. This city on the bank is stunning and holds significance to Hinduism because of its location on the Ganges river, and how it contains over 2,000 temples along the winding streets including a famous temple called Kashi Vishwanath. After a gorgeous 4 days in Varansi, I get back on the road and get ready for my next exploration in my adventure.

These pictures reveal Lumbini Nepal a sacred birthplace for the religion of Hinduism.

I arrive in Nepal on December 11th and take a short bus ride to reach the sacred place known as Lumbini. Lumbini holds significant meaning because it is the sacred birthplace for Hinduism. This is an aesthetically magnificent structure that holds deep significance for Hinduism. After a wonderful 2 days touring Lumbini, I move onto my next destination.

These pictures capture the Holy City of Jerusalem, which serves religious importance to Judaism.

I arrived in Jerusalem on December 15th and after a short drive through scenic Israel I was in the sacred city of Jerusalem. Jerusalem not only holds severe significance to Judaism but also Christianity and Islam. Jerusalem is a structurally stunning city and took my breath away with their various pieces of religious architecture. Jerusalem holds importance to Judaism because it contains a multitude of places for worship and holds the title for the heart of Judaism. I concluded my adventures in the beautiful place of Jerusalem after 5 days, and then ventured to my final destination in my religious exploration.

These pictures array the Al Masjid al Haram a holy place of worship for Islam, and is commonly referred to as the Great Mosque of Mecca.

I arrived in Mecca, my final destination, on December 21st. I traveled by car to the Great Mosque of Mecca, or Al Masjid al Haram. It was very great and aesthetically stunning. It holds significant importance to the Islamic religion, and is currently the largest Mosque in the world. As well as it being the largest Mosque in the world, it surrounds Islam's holiest place, the Kaaba. I spent a wonderful 3 days touring the Mosque, and had an impactful ending to my memorable religious exploration.


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