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I come to Là Viêt Cafe on a burning day. From outside, Là Viêt Cafe is only a small coffee factory decorated by many old things and some wooden chairs and desks. Tourists can see how an original coffee bean is made, how it is roasted and the way to sort of various type of coffee which each type brings different flavour. People visit Là Viêt Cafe because they want to hear the sound of roaster, they would love to have a coffee drink from these beans and see barista makes drinks. I love the unique but simple decoration here. However, I do not choose coffee, I drink chocolate instead as coffee might be strong to me. Its taste is so far weird to me, it is not sweet, it is sour and fresh because of fresh milk manufactured in Da Lat milk farm.

Nature brings fresh mind, classic things embrace old memories.

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Kim Anh


Normal daily story and stuff

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