Mobile Staff Meeting Center for Wind Energy

Announcements for the collegiate wind competition have been submitted to Eric Gorton. He will pass on to the appropriate entities and send us a report that tells us who it was sent to.

The announcement has been added to the CWE website on the Collegiate Wind Competition page.

I'm meeting Nick Cooper today at CWE at 11:15 to make edits to his DWAP maps.

I called Baker Renewables this morning and was disappointed. Jason Epstein from Baker Renewables said they do not have staff that writes code for data logging. He stated they only use off the shelf stuff and we would have to contact Campbell Scientific for assistance. He also said that Baker does not service turbines in Virginia at this time so we will have to find someone else to assist Thomas Harrison.

We have five intern applications. I have the aps and resumes printed for our viewing pleasure and a spreadsheet set up to score the applicants.

I've arranged for ISAT and our hero Chrissy Rothgeb to supply us with some computers for student interns. ISAT recently surplussed a lot of hardware and pickings were slim. She has two dell PCs and FOUR Apple 21 inch Imacks (woohoo) for us. She is working on the transfer paperwork and we should get those in a day or two. We will have to get PC services to set them up.


Jon, The DMME report is waiting on your two-sentence description of the Fancy Gap DWAP visit. Remy and I are done with our sections. Have you finished this? Please edit the report and forward it to the appropriate individuals. (If you have done this, kindly disregard the nastygram... :)

I'm out of the office this afternoon from about 12:40 til around 2:30. I'll plan to go grab the van after 3pm. We need to finalize plans for the Wind Farm Tour. It should be a good trip.

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