It All Began in a Garden Dunedin Botanical Garden - Dunedin, NZ

It's hard to believe it is just over six years ago that we visited New Zealand. It was this time of year - April, when we were nearing the end of our time there. We would be well into Spring by the time we got home but it was definitely Fall when we were on the South Island. We even experienced a little snow on our return trip to Dunedin from Stewart Island. So I was more than a little amazed at what was available to enjoy at the botanical garden when we visited there.

The Conservatory

A paradise for the orchid lover.
There was even a small display of cacti.


When you are not overwhelmed with blossoms you see more of the structure of a garden. There was a lot of change of elevation in this garden.

So many shades of green.
From up there you look down on a stage where concerts are hosted.
Plenty of paths for walking.
Watch a concert, enjoy your lunch or practice guitar.
These are not what I expected to see blooming in the Fall but we were down under so everything was upside down.
We saw an amazing number of these crocus growing wild in meadows.


After hiking up to the aviary I was disappointed with the photo ops but all was not lost as I spotted a silver-eye on our way back down to the gardens. You hear their song before ever laying an eye on one.


Fountains and statues were plentiful, as were ponds and streams.

I look forward to possibly visiting this garden again in a Spring or Summer season - I think it would be spectacular.

Until our next walk - stay safe and stay healthy.

Created By
Cathy Bennington


C. J. Bennington Fine Art Photography