The World According To Julia L


Globalization- making the world stronger or weaker?

Globalization helps the world it may be a slow process but it's helping there are many good things about globalization like for instance the pencil is made with cedar wood, graphite, a mix of metals and rubber those materials come from all over the world like China has some of the best graphite mines but no good trees for rubber and South America has some of the best trees for rubber but no good graphite mines so the world must work together to make something simple like a pencil or a plastic spoon also businesses can move and give some people jobs who wouldn't have jobs otherwise which in turn can help them with financial issues and other things that they need money for like food or school for their kids.

Mt. Everest is it worth the risk or not?

Is having a chance to stand on top of the world worth the risks of climbing the deadly Mt. Everest? This has been a highly discussed topic for as long as Mt. Everest has been a tourist attraction and it has been years since the locals started the business of providing guides to the climbers but after people kept dying some people started wondering “is it worth the risk?” Many people have said yes with reasons such as “its a chance to stand on top of the world” and “the view is beautiful” but many people have also said no it's not worth the risk with reasons such as “4% of people who climb it don't come back down, alive that is” and “Avalanches are common, one in 2014 killed 16 sherpas (guides) that were bringing supplies to the camp” but it’s really not worth the risk but would you risk your life just to say you’ve been on top of the world? But it’s really not a thirteen year old kid climbed it he made it but only just imagine that leaving life at thirteen because of a climbing accident on Mt. Everest you wouldn't even get to enjoy the fact that you climbed the mountain it's not worth the risk to climb it.

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Oil in a country ⬇️

There are many negative things about having a valuable resource like oil in a region for example; there is a bigger chance of getting invaded like once Kuwait was invaded for oil by Iraq. Another example is there is growth in terrorism and violence. Oil is drilled in some of the worst dictatorships like Saudi Arabia and African countries. This Oil Money goes directly into the hands of these despots who have amassed trillions of dollars. They give rise to violence and growth in terrorism as this oil money is used to fund these organizations. Osama Bin Laden comes from one of the richest Saudi families. However the powerful Oil Money also manages to suppress the voices of protest. so as shown there are lots of negatives to having lots of oil in a country


People adapt to living in desert regions by changing their behavior, living style and clothes. For example most people who work or live in the desert wear covering and loose clothes as the heat can be almost unbearable. The clothes must be loose and light because the sun can be very damaging to people of both light and dark skin. Another example is most if not all people who live in the desert live near an oasis so they have a water source and are even sometimes able to farm on the land around it. Many times people build towns around an oasis but that often leads to drought in the area. Most towns are kept small as no one wants to help desertification along. Several ways that people adapt to living in the desert are by wearing loose and covering clothing and living and farming by an oasis.

Question: what is the difference between limited and unlimited government? Limited government is the best because the government follows the laws they helped write so the people would feel like they are being fair. If they are not fair then they might revolt than the government would dissolve into anarchy and there would be chaos everywhere. Another point is that people are more likely to follow the laws if authority figures do and that is why limited government is the best.

What it means to be a good citizen is..... ⬆️

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