From @TheKing #we'reexpecting #babyboy

From @TheQueen Just gave birth to my baby son! His name is Siddhartha Gotama which means "the one that brings all gods." #thenewleader #prince

From @Asita I think the prince would be a great king or great saint @TheKing @The queen #imwright #thetruth

From @Theking BREAKING NEWS the queen had now become very ill #prayforus #getwellsoon

From @Thequeen I have chosen my sister Prajapati to mother my dear son Siddhartha #baby #mother

From @Theprince Just saved a swan with an arrow stuck in its wing that came from @Devadattas bow an arrow #bemorecareful #birdslivesmatter

From @Devadatta Come check us out at the palaces court over a bow and arrow accident #myside #cousins

From @theprince in order to get my dream girl @princessYasodhara I need to show my bravery and skills #goingintomyfirstcontest #archery

From @theprince Great news guys I just beat my cousin @Devadatta in the archery contest also one the swordsmanship constest with one lighting stroke #slashedthrewatree #winner

From @theprincessYasodhara the prince Siddhartha and I are officially married #letsgetthispartystarted #goals

From @theprince My wife and I just gave birth to our first baby boy named Rahula #baby #preciuos

From @theking the prince has become very depressed after his last trip to Kapilavastu after seeing a dead man in a coffin #cheerup #tryingtomakethingsbetter


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