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Tennessee State flag


Chattanooga is a large city just north of the Georgia border. Chattanooga is also the 68th largest city in the United States between Las Vegas and Philadelphia. With the city being that large it is also 5% water. In 2015 the cites population was roughly 180,000. The city is within a valley and is surrounded by the Appalachian mountains. Also just north of downtown Chattanooga is a Hydroelectric dam on the Tennessee river.

Cherokee Native American Civil war battlefield


The first inhabitants of Chattanooga were Native Americans for around the area. In 1838 the Government forced out the Cherokee and other Native Americans to southern states. In 1850 the Railroad was a new arrival to Chattanooga but years later it became a "Boom Town" which meant it had a ton of business evolving the Railroad system. The city was also a center of weapons and equipment for the civil war.

Rain; a common sight in Chattanooga


Chattanooga has a 4 season subtropical climate just like the rest of Tennessee. The highest record temperature is 107 degrees Fahrenheit sometime in the 1900's and a record low of -23 degrees Fahrenheit in 2003. Over a years time Chattanooga averages 52 inches of rain. Although they average so many inches of rain they only average 4 inches of snow yearly.


Ruby Falls is a 145 foot underground waterfall in Chattanooga. The waterfall has an unknown source but they put dye in the water and traced that it empty's out in the Tennessee river.

Also in Chattanooga is Lookout mountain which is one of the tallest mountains in Tennessee. Also, on top of Lookout mountain there is a point were you have the ability to see 7 states a one time.

Lastly in Chattanooga you can go to the Tennessee river aquarium which shows all the aquatic wildlife in the Tennessee river. It also has an IMAX theater inside of the Aquarium.

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