Chapter 4 by Milan Barrault-Fandre

Creative - These photos truly resemble the seconds that can change or create photos. While taking the following photos below, I had to wait for the perfect second to capture.

Days - In this photo, school days create memories with other people. The days that people spend with each other can create memories with one another.
Hours - This photo resembles hours because of the clouds in the background. These clouds move by slowly and hours resemble the speed that they go about.
Minutes - This photo shows the minutes that can create a photo. The natural sunlight coming through the window creates a momentary reflection on the disco ball. In few minutes the sunlight can disappear and the perfect photo can disappear.
Seconds - this photo took very few seconds, if not milliseconds to capture. This second truly made a difference in this photo.

Technical -

For this photo I used the rule of thirds to put the wood cut-out more to the left than in the center.
In this photo I cropped out all of the sides and focused all of the attention onto the plant itself. It enlarged the photo as well.
For this photo I removed all of the foliage and put the balloon as the main focal point of the photo.

Self Reflective/Influential - Last semester I took a photo of my wall that had a lot of sentimental items hanging up there; a few baseball hats from my childhood, some posters from when the giants won the World Series after 50 years, and some photos from France. This semester I reshot the photos in a different way. Check them out:

Passion - Original
For this photo, I changed the angle from where I was capturing it and actually got a bit closer so that I could focus in on the newspaper.
For this photo I changed the angle a bit and zoomed out a bit to give a larger depth perception.
For this photo, I zoomed in close onto a Red Sox hat. I Made sure to include the newspaper in the background to allow the viewer to understand where the hat came from.

Thematic - Unbiased

This is one of my all time favorite photos. This cute, but big, tiger is looking through the gate with only one eye, and from the eye of the viewer, he is looking through one box; with one eye. To me, this resembles closed-mindedness, something that, this year, I'm going to try to not be. I am going to be a very open-minded person, respecting everyones thoughts and beliefs without any biased opinion. I hope that I can achieve this by remembering to not be the tiger, no offense to this fluffy guy here.
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