Number The Stars

Chapter three talks about how the girls are trying to find out why the button shop was closed due to the nazis taking all the Jews to a relocation camp and the girl who owned the shop was Jewish so she had to hide and not get found so she had to close down the shop and make it look like no one was there

The girls were playing and then the Nabokov girl came to the house to get away from the nazis and so the rosens were slip up to get away from the nazis to stay safe they stayed with johansans to not get relocated and separated forever or until the relocation was done or the war was over

The girls are talking and hear the soldiers knock on the door and they opened the there door and had them get up from there bed and they had baby pictures one of lese and and the other girl acted like her and so they looked alike with brown hair and they ripped the picture and left

They arrive at there uncles house and were runnier and and playing outside before sun down and came inside and on normal nights there was laughter but tonight there was none and and it concerned her a lot like something was different or out of the ordinary so she fitted in not saying a word and keeping a said expression on her face

She got her parents back not saying they left just they had Left to get away from the Nazi and she finally got to see her parents again and they were helped to the lake house by uncles hendrick and so the rosens were back together but not long before they had to leave

Who was really in the case or about the casket that the soilders were finding out it was a faked funeral to keep the rosesens close by to look like family and the soilders thought it was some type of meeting but it was a fake funeral and the plan worked according to plan

Was about them getting ready to cross the sea to sweeden.trying to say goodbye to one another and them getting cloths old cloths from people to set sail to sweeden to wait off the relocation from the nazis and they all had to stay safe and stay together like a family would.

Playing with the cat as they were trying to think were mama was and they thought she was exsosted so she just slept there but as they were falling asleep they saw a shadow and it was mamas outside they were worried were she was and what happend

They found mama she had broken her ancle and as they were helping her back to the house they found an important paper that uncle Hendrick dropped as mama told her to run it to him to the rosens because mama the expression on her face made it seem important to uncle hendrick or the rosens

She was thinking of the story little red riding hood but with her own little mix as she walked down the path she had heard a grown almost at the destination 4 soilders popped out hey what's up guys it's scarce here and they frightened her with 2 dogs looked like they were sitting there for a while waiting for someone to cross there path

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