Microwaves By: Zola fields

Microwave Safety and Sanitation

  • Use potholders to keep from burning yourself.
  • Do not put metal in microwave
  • Cover foods to keep from splattering
  • Let the food cool off after it is removed from the microwave


  • Round container cooks more evenly
  • The microwave generates electromagnetic waves
  • Microwave stoves cook as fast or better on a conventional stove


  • Do not put cool whip containers in the microwave
  • No metal
  • Coo or defrost foods such as beef
  • Turn your appliance on if it's empty

How a microwave works

  • Plug your microwave in
  • Set time you want to microwave something for
  • Understand your microwave
  • Put your food in the microwave
  • Close the door
  • Hit start to microwave food
  • Wait until food gets done
  • Take out of microwave and enjoy

Microwave Recipes



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