The Work Behind It All By: Madeline Dickey

Paoli Jr. Sr. High school has recently announced that they are doing the musical Mary Poppins. A lot of work goes into forming a show. 8 weeks, 45 days, and an unbelievable amount of hours. All for a 3-4 hour show that's performed three times. The cast works very hard to get everything done. Here's a little of what goes into a practice.

Putting together a musical isn't always easy but English teacher and Drama Club director Maria Wishart is able to do it twice a year along with a play in between.

It's very important to have the entire cast at practice with only a few weeks left.

They start practice with warm ups, led here by Junior Keegan Anderson.

When not on the stage, the students tend to go backstage and rehearse with one another.

When Anderson isn't on stage, you normally find him dancing in front of the mirrors in the dressing room.

"Step step kick bum ta-da back step. Got that?" Explains Anderson.

"This isn't just and ordinary park." says Angel Pierce who plays Mary Poppins.

With only a couple weeks left for stage designing, Taylor spends practice placing props where they need to go. While Anderson has no intentions of helping her.

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