Embrassant le côté français de Chloe Reynolds Title translates to: "Embracing the french side of Chloe Reynolds"

French culture was influenced by Celtic and Gallo-Roman cultures as well as Franks (*Franks: a german tribe)
Fun Fact:the word "culture" is originally from France!
The main religion in France is Catholicism according to a survey that resulted in 64 OF THE POPULATION IN 2010 IDENTIFYING AS ROMAN CATHOLIC.Other religions in France include Islam,Protestantism, and Judaism.
The French motto is Liberte,Egalite,Fraternite.egalite is equality,Liberte is Liberty,and Fraternite is fraternity
Food and wine are important to France,so that socializing in the country is done through long fancy dinners.French cooking actually changed to a lighter taste.
French recipes would include light Vegetables, and soft bread. Wine is used commonly in French dishes. Baguettes are very popular in the region, a baguette is a long crusty piece of bread. It is also expected to peel and slice fruit before eating it.
France is a major industry when it comes to fashion.France has many popular fashion houses such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel.
Art styles varies to Rococo to Baroque. Rococo is a painting like a lady in the park sitting down with a cat on her lap meanwhile a Baroque painting is over the top and deeply detailed. The Rococo style is more popular in France however since most of the famous french paintings are in that style.
Holidays and Celebrations in France which are the traditional Christian Christmas, May day which is the first of May. Bastille Day which is July 14th and other celebrations
Kissing on the cheek is a way of greeting someone,some people do this in France. The kiss is done on the left side of the face before kissing the right, however the handshake is the most common way of greeting someone.
fun fact that some french people believe that flowers should be given in even numbers.
Table manners are very important in France and it is considered rude if you are late to a dinner without explaining why you were late.
I got all my information from livescience.com,softschools.com, my relatives and Savour.com for and idea on the culture.

This is the French national anthem that was written during the French revolution when people demanded they're independence and took it to very violent levels. Many people were beheaded during this time. Bastille Day is a celebration of when a mob stormed the Bastille.

Physical traits of French people is actually a mix between people there isn't many noticeable physical traits,since France was made up of other cultures
This is the end of my presentation,thank you if you were paying attention.

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