Rugby Sports Crystal Garza 2ND PERIOD

origin of rugby

  • Rugby features a mix of soccer and football together.
  • it is said that it was originated in 1823 when William Webb Ellis first took the ball in his hands and ran with it.
  • was first played in England.

How to play rugby

  • The game begins with a kick off in the center of the field. The team with the ball will make an effort to score.
  • After a try is scored, the team is given the opportunity to score a goal by kicking the ball over the opponents cross-bar and in between the goal posts, scoring an additional two points, also known as conversion points.
  • If the opposite team commits a penalty then the other team attempts a penalty kick for 3 points, either at the goal or a drop kick at the goal from anywhere in the field of play.

How to play rugby pt.2

  • During the game players move forward towards their goal but the ball can't be passed forward.
  • The player must pass the ball backwards to their teammate while moving forward.
  • Forward progress of the player carrying the ball may be impeded by tacking that player. Once a player is tackled, he immediately passes or releases the ball and moves away from it.

Rugby workouts

  • Mostly all rugby players start off by lifting weights, bench pressing etc.
  • They do Olympic lifts, plyometric drills, medicine ball work and sled drills and other harsh workouts


  • By squatting onto a box they squat deeper, recruiting more muscle fibers.
  • They don't also need to be strong but they also have to be quicker.

Famous Athletes in rugby

  • Most known famous rugby athlete is Richie Mcgaw. He earned a world-record 148 caps for the All Blacks, winning 131 of those games.
  • Another famous rugby player is known as Dan carter, a prolific goal-kicker, a wonderful silky runner and a masterful controller, he possesses the lot and has been a genuine match-winner at the highest level.

Famous Athletes pt.2

  • One of the most feared players in the game was known as Brian O'Driscoll but also as the most consistent. His 141 Test caps place him second on the all-time list behind Richi Mcgaw.
  • When Jonah Lomu burst onto the scene at the 1995 World Cup, it was like a meteor landing from outer space. His incredible feats grabbed the attention of folk who've never previously been interested in the sport.

Rugby Equipment

  • In rugby, what is needed is compression shorts, sportswear, helmet, body protection and boots (cleats).
  • Mouth guard is a need to not get badly injured in that area.
  • Shin guards are also needed so shins won't be easily broken.

Basic rugby rules

  • Player in possession with the ball makes sure the person who to pass to isn't off sides.
  • Players must only pass ball backwards or sideways.
  • When being tackled, the player must release the ball.

England flag/countries that play rugby

  • Rugby first played in England in 1871.
  • Marlborough school (1950) first adopted Rugby.

Interesting facts:

  • The name "Rugby" came from the school where it was first played at.
  • The rugby balls was made from pigs' bladders.
  • Rugby has been an Olympic sport only four times and made its first and last Olympic games appearances in Paris.

Interesting facts pt.2

  • Rugby Union World Cup are held every four years.
  • The first international rugby match took place between Scotland and England in 1871 at Raeburn Park in Edinburgh.




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